Hands Over My Mouth

by Chris Mullen

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released June 23, 2011

All music and lyrics by Chris Mullen



all rights reserved


Chris Mullen Montrose, Colorado

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Track Name: Hands Over My Mouth
Hands Over My Mouth

I'm just a singer of simple songs to you
But things can get so complicated
It's hard to tell the truth
The less you say the less you stand to lose
I've only got myself to blame
When I'm no deeper than a baseball game
And these excuses tend to keep me tame
But the truth is stronger than a hurricane
I'm just a singer with my hands over my mouth
A politician with an empty plan
To never let you down
An architect that could never draw a house
'Cause I worry when I draw those lines
I've got to leave something on the other side
And I get to thinking that it's such a crime
To speak the questions that are on my mind
We want honesty but we don't tell the truth
We want friendship but we keep our friends from being close
We want love but we want a back door out
And if you want the truth
I've got no excuse
Except these hands over my mouth
There's just joy and there's just a little peace
Just a bit of everything we need
On the other side of the lies we choose to speak
And if I'm honest with myself
It's easier to be someone else
It's being who you are and making no excuses
That's hard as hell
Track Name: Truth and Lies
Truth and Lies

I've been thinking lately about the way that I speak to you
All those words I say, revealing my flaws
Is it disrespectful to be so open with all of my thoughts
Maybe you believe me when I say that I love you
Maybe you believe me when I say that I tried
But I don't want to see a burning fire when I look in your eyes
I've been hearing stories since I was a boy
I've been playing with my soul like a toy
Or better yet some leverage to secure my eternity
Now I realize it all was a ruse
Still it's hard to separate the lies from the truth
To find my precious pearl when all I see is vanity
I made You in my image and put You in a box
Then I defined You so You would fit in my thoughts
And then I wonder why my love grows cold so easily
All-consuming fire is what You said of Yourself
You said I AM and there is no-one else
You said You are, and You were, and You're always gonna be
I've been thinking lately about the weight of the truth and the lies
Stuck between a rock and a compromise
And I wonder which side is winning in this old fight
Now I know You don't see things the way that I do
And I wonder if the things I've learned about You are true
But I hope that in the end I'll be standing on Your right side
You said You are, and You were, and You're always gonna be
We treat you like our friend but we forget that You said that You were a king
Track Name: The Constant And The Change
The Constant and the Change
Friend I remember the first time we sang
I remember the first lines we wrote
In the height of invincible youth
And I can remember the words we would excange
Over food, drink, and laughter the way
You became like my brother those days
Do you remember the roads that we drove through
The music that connected our souls
Do you remember the things we believed
'Cause I can't believe how the years have been changing
The paths that we took look so different
But Friend we've got history
And I keep a prayer in my heart
That God will be with you wherever you are
And I pray that our paths will keep crossing my friend
And if you need a dollar or the shirt off my back
I will give, if I can, anything that you lack
And I pray that our paths will keep crossing my friend
I've seen the pain time's inflicted on you
The dreams that we predicted
Seen you laugh in the face of a hurricane wind
And I've seen the bottle take you like a wave
Just to lift you up high in its cage
And smash you right into the shore
Friend you have been in my heart since our youth
Still you stand there like God-given proof
That brothers don't have to be blood
Track Name: Wait For The Echoes
Wait For The Echoes

With the weight of it all hanging over my head like a raincloud
I will set off in search of a piece of the new, morning sun
And I carefully stack all the new thoughts on top of the worries
And hope my Tower of Babel will bring me closer to You
So let me pour my wine into a goblet filled with holes
Then I'll wonder why it only falls to the floor
Let me sing my songs into empty holes and wait for the echoes
Then I'll go back to my home with a heavy load
With something I stole wrapped up in some newspaper headlines
I'm placing gifts at your feet that you never asked me to bring
The fact that I speak only proves I don't know how to listen
So I'll keep trying the door while blindly ignoring the key
So let me pour my wine into a goblet filled with holes
Then I'll wonder why it only falls to the floor
Let me sing my songs into empty holes and wait for the echoes
Then I'll go back to my home with a heavy load
I shed a couple of tears and I tell You the fears that I'm facing
And in a couple of years I find I have not progressed
Do I love You enough for me to shut my mouth when You are speaking
Or do I put on a show and hope You're entertained
I've got a weight in my chest from a love void of conversation
I've got a feeling that this isn't how You want it to be
Track Name: Tomorrow's Warmth
Tomorrow's Warmth

Take a drink and take a drag
The sun disappears and then comes back
Every moment takes me farthur from the times I used to know
With every breath that you take in forgetfulness begins to win
And my memories are fading faster like the last of winter's snow
Tell me where did we go wrong
Tell me. I thought that we were strong
Another day, another drink
Another empty bottle in the kitchen sink
I thought I knew you a little better
I thought you wanted something more
Another breath, another lie
You look me in the eye and say you're fine
But there's a strange sort of disconnect from the person I knew before
I hate the things it makes you do
I hate the way that it makes me look at you
I hate the lie, I hate the truth
But I'm wanting nothing more
I wish that I could make the change for you
I with that I could make these words ring true
I pray to God that He could help you see
We're never promised tomorrow's warmth
They say times change, I guess they have
But I wish now that we could get them back
The way I feel seems criminal
Like being robbed of those I love
So take that drink but don't forget
That the sun that rose is soon to set
And we blindly hope for tomorrow's light while the moon hangs up above